Local government IT recycling

With data security the main driver, our innovative IT recycling capability can still guarantee a cost neutral position for local government bodies, many of which sweat IT assets beyond a re-use point.

Data security where assets may have no monetary value

In Tier 1’s experience, local government organisations do not have a clear and structured IT refresh policy. Finances dictate that a ‘replace on fail’ policy prevails, meaning many aged IT assets are beyond economic repair by the times they are ready for disposal.

Naturally, our confidentiality agreements prevent us from naming our local government customers. However thanks to our innovative recycling initiative at HMP Forest Bank, Tier 1 can overcome the problem of recycling IT assets that do not have any value in their original form at a guaranteed cost neutral rate without any compromise to the security of the data that is held on them. We still use the same secure collection process, provide all necessary reporting and perform an IAS 5 standard process, including three level Blancco overwrite to give a cast iron guarantee that your data will be securely sanitised.

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